Monday, September 28, 2009

FIRST COAT SALE (of the season)!

Yes! It's coming! Just in time for you to replace coats that you've purged during your Fall Clothes trade out!
The Salvation Army Coat Sale! Dum Dum da Dum! (It should have a theme song...)
On Saturday, October 10th, at 9am, head to the Salvation Army on 46th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues in New York City and read my previous post about tips and suggestions to make your shopping spree the most successful.
Coats to look for this fall:
  • short leather car coats
  • fur or faux fur vests
  • oversized black 80's trenches to belt
  • fitted blazers to wear with jeans
See you at 8:30am!

(pictured here: me staying somewhat warm and dry in the freezing rain of Boston, all because of my Salvation Army puffy coat that I bought 3 seasons ago!)

Yay! Fall Clothes!

Does anyone else love fall? Or am I the only one who catches the "Back To School" bug and look for any opportunity to lay out your clothes for the next day?
Well, nerd or not, it is time (or perhaps past time) to put away your summer clothes and get out your yummy sweaters and boots.
And, it's the perfect time to take stock of what you should keep and what you should throw away. In 2008, I wrote to a follower that we know as On The Verge Of Being Lady Godiva with tips about updating your wardrobe the Ren Girl way (of course). Check it out toe help you get motivated (and focused). Let me emphasize to that post that before you store your tank tops and short shorts, make sure they've been washed/cleaned to avoid any yellowing or odors.
It can all seem overwhelming at first, but before you know it, you're honing your style, focusing your identity, and finding excuses to go thrifting (with your list of needs, of course!).
Happy Fall!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Block Sale Rain Date





Sorry for any inconvenience.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Martini Madness

Sometimes life calls for martinis.
Our close friend, Penny, needed a party and it was time to step up!
But who can afford expensive vodka these days? And who wants to suffer through the bite of the cheap stuff?
Luckily, Penny did her homework. Several sites on line claimed that by filtering inexpensive vodka (Smirnoff, Svedka) through a Brita water filter, it would taste like the upscale vodkas. But somebody had to test it and Penny, her friends Ken and Barry, and I were willing to do the dirty work. You have to sacrifice for science.
First, we tried a bit of the cheaper Vodka before filtering. Though not completely unpleasant, faces puckered. Then, we filtered it through the Brita filter (takes a bit longer than water) and took more sips. We all agreed it was smoother, had less bite, and tasted more "expensive" than the unfiltered!
We guessed that it would be worth it to keep a separate Brita filter for just that purpose.
Then I enlisted my husband (the martini master) to make them (note: shower heavily with kisses and praises all night.)

Pictured Above: Three Kit Kat Girls (Vykky, Heather, and me) celebrating Penny's Birthday with martinis!

Block Long Garage Sale!

This Saturday, September 12th, between 9am and 5pm!
43rd Street between 9th and 10th Ave.!
Dozens of different stoop sales in one block all at the same time! Treasures galore!
See you there!
(Can you tell I'm a bit excited?)