Sunday, October 11, 2009

Coat Sale Redux

BAD NEWS: You may have missed a great coat sale at the Salvation Army this last Saturday.

But two close friends, hundreds of New Yorkers, and I didn't!
Kevin and Sarah of We Click Photography and Kevin Fox Photography are spending more time in the Great White North and wanted to stock up on winter coats so they met me there early, following all of my advice (Except for bringing their own cart. Difficult on a motorcycle...).
I knew I was only looking for a fur vest (to pair with skinny jeans and a blousy top with long necklaces and high boots) so my pile of coats at checkout paled in comparison to theirs. But how could Sarah resist 2 long embroidered suede jackets, a hooded shearling, a thoroughly hip skin colored short fitted car coat with a long collar, an adorable shearling vest, and two coats for Kevin to replace decade-old favorites? She couldn't. And she didn't!
Some highlights of the morning:

Leenya: Wow! This is a gorgeous coat, but with purple and green embroidery, I don't know if Sarah will go for it.
Kevin: You never know. Some people's "loud" are a belly dancer's "blah". (Sarah is a fabulicious belly dancer)

Kooky Mirror Hogging Lady: Oh, you again! Just buy the coat! How much can it be? $25? Just buy it!
Leenya: I know, but do you think it actually works on me? I mean, do I really need a medium length fake leopard swing coat? (answer: yes, I did.)

GOOD NEWS: There's another one Saturday November 7th at 9am!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Recession Special Wine Club

Here it is, folks! A wine club for those of us who keep going back to the wine store and grabbing the same affordable favorites. And they deliver!
Ted discovered Bacchus, a wine store on the upper West Side, that for $17.99 (plus tax) a month will deliver two different bottles of wine to your door! (check how far they will deliver...)
Last night, they delivered a bottle of Indaba Merlot (already a favorite!) and a 2006 Rock River Zinfadel, which we have yet to try.
So good to know we can branch out with out cashing out!

Friday, October 2, 2009

2 NY Night Out for Two: Less than $80 Each

We are all on tight budgets right now, but we still have to go out on the town every once in a while.
My husband and I recently dined at two New York restaurants, one old and one new, and we didn't spend over $80 for either.
After one appetizer (split) and two entrees and a glass and a half of wine each, we hadn't felt we'd splurged, but we still felt spoiled!
The first was Trattoria Spaghetto in the West Village (232 Bleecker St. near the W. 4th Street ACE stop). It's cash only at this New York staple that has been at this corner location at least since I was doing a show at the Minetta Lane Theater 13 years ago. There is outdoor seating in good weather, the pasta tastes homemade, and there is a lobster entree for $20!
The second is Pio Pio. Though the location we went to is their newest (43rd St. and 10th), there are other places where you can taste this Peruvian Cuisine in a fun atmosphere with good service. Specializing in grilled chicken (surprisingly mild in spiciness), entrees come in generous portions and are meant to be shared. With large potent pitchers of delicious sangria, it is a fabulous place to bring your next group or family gathering.
Bon appetite!