Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sarah Palin

I started my blog too late!
Alas, the Republican Vice Presidential Candidate didn't know about big city values and how we Renaissance Girls stay in style while keeping on a low budget!  
I mean, I love how her stylists updated her hair,  but if she would have read my blog, she would have been able to turn that $150,000 price tag on her campaign wardrobe into more like $5,000.  I'm not suggesting redistribution of wealth or anything, but McCain is talking spending freeze so let's get serious, my friends.  
Okay, if shopping for a Vice Presidential candidate, I might actually skip the thrift stores and 99 cent stores, but I would start at places like Target, H & M, and Old Navy so that we'd save the campaign as much money as possible to tackle important issues like breaking our addiction to foreign oil and researching alternative energy sources that would reduce our carbon emissions.  This is where I'd find wardrobe staples and basics.  If I were her campaign shopper, I'd go to DSW Shoe Warehouse and Payless and I'd take the time to find bargains that appear current and expensive so that I could spend money elsewhere, like finding a way to make  healthcare affordable to all Americans.  And she does have a limo and a private jet. Expensive shoes are wasted on her as she's not navigating city streets and subway stairs.  If I still couldn't find the right power suits at these starter stores, I'd go to Century 21, Filene's Basement, and TJ Maxx where there are plenty of designer clothes to mix and match.  I'd still have money left to figure out how to attract better teachers to our educational system without adding more of a tax burden on the middle class.  If I was still missing, say, evening wear for fund raising galas, in a pinch I'd move up to the sale racks at Lord & Taylor and Macy's, but I don't think I'd have to go that far.  I would never even pass by Neiman Marcus, Tiffany's or Bloomingdales.  The Economy is too fragile.  Foreign diplomacy is needed more than ever.   Children are starving here on American soil. 
Like Sybil Sage said about me (How sweet!  Thanks, Sybil!) in a recent comment on my post about the Coat Sale, Sarah Palin really could look great in anything anyway.  Dressing her is not brain surgery.  And don't middle class hockey Moms and New York artists have one thing in common:  a limited budget? Governor Palin, it's okay to look to New Yorkers for what could be considered patriotic advice.  We grow good American people here in our big cities.


  1. Don't be on the phone today as I'm sure we're both going to get calls from the GOP, who will have seen that we jumped out of bed ready to explain how they could have made Sarah Palin look like a million bucks without blowing $150,000.

  2. Well, they haven't called yet, but I'm waiting...
    Seriously, I've survived an entire year in New York City on one fifth that sum.


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