Thursday, May 13, 2010

$99 Headshots!

How can you beat that?
Ben Strothmann offers a 20 minute "Quickie" session for an affordable alternative.
Let's face it. When you've had several headshots in your life you know how to a)do your own hair and makeup and b) choose one outfit that you know will work. This short session requires that pre-planned focus (time for only one look/background color), and it forces you to do your homework: Check out other headshots on line, see what you like and don't like in backgrounds, poses, outfits, makeup and show up with ideas. Ben is great at taking those ideas and setting up the right lighting and background.
He recently moved to a new studio with a great big bathroom down the hall, complete with full length mirror, and mine was the first shot taken in this new studio! His clear instructions on his website made it very easy and fast to view my proofs online.
Thanks Ben! Now to get my new headshots to the casting directors...

Check out more photos by Ben of The Chalks in a previous post:

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