Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Progress Check

How's it going?  Have you finished your Holiday preparations yet?  No?  Have you even made a dent?  
It's a bit out of character for me to NOT procrastinate, but I made my gifts again this year and am about halfway done already!  Just thought I'd celebrate a bit by posting...
Who's making their gifts this year?  Share, please...  


  1. OH YES indeedy, making some jewelry. This year I'm not using a lot of sterling, getting a little more into the trendy faux gold chain with charms.

    one pair earrings (ear wire plus three big chain links plus jump ring plus cool charm=done) three charm bracelets (charms plus jump rings plus chain plus clasp=done) and one charm necklace.

    I love to get fashion jewelry ideas from fashion magazines or anthropoligie.

  2. yes making jewelry. got ideas from anthropologie and fashion magazines. going for charm earrings, bracelets and necklaces in faux gold mostly. Only one gift in sterling.

  3. I DID!!! I MADE MINE!!!


  4. Yay! I'm so glad people are being creative! The jewelry sounds amazing (can't wait to see some!) and I'd like to mention Anthropologie as a perfect place to "window shop" and get inspiration and NOT buy (sorry, Anthropologie, but you are not a bargain store!)
    And everyone should visit santyclaustoldme.com! It is a hilarious gift to all of us and you might just recognize a certain Renaissance Girl for a second...

  5. As soon as I finish the arm on the crochet monkey for a little newborn, I am onto a crochet Christmas garland that looks like strung popcorn and cranberries. I DID see that Renaissance girl in santyclaustoldme.com

  6. Crocheting and knitting are fantastic ways to make gifts and I find the actual activities relaxing.
    Trouble finding good quality wool yarn? Buy a second-hand heavy sweater, perhaps one that accidentally shrunk, and unravel it. It's time consuming, but can be done while watching TV and the alternative is spending $100 on yarn that's not acrylic.


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