Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wrap it Up

Don't be boring! 
Anyone can go out and buy expensive wrapping and matchy- smatchy bows and ribbons. If you've saved wrapping from last year, your gifts will all look different and the look under the tree will be more festive, fun, and eclectic.  
Obviously, some large gifts will have to be wrapped with new paper (best to buy only paper that is recyclable and/or biodegradable!  Jack's 99 Cent World is the best for bargains), but if you have a bag of bows and ribbons that you've kept, you can put together some great combinations.  You can even keep brown boxes unwrapped, using ribbons and try multiple bows of different sizes.  Experiment with taping tiny stockings or other ornaments that have lost their hanger to gifts.  Ribbons with wires can be instantly brought back to life with some reshaping.  
And what about Christmas Cards from years gone past?  Cut off the tops and use them as gift cards or tape two tops together and create a gift envelope for small gifts.
It's not just for Grandmas!  Find one small shopping bag and save the wrapping that wasn't hastily ripped off by children young and old.  You'll thank yourself next Christmas.

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