Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ancient Renaissance Girl Secret: Dryel

Because I'm such a do-it-yourself girl, when I found out there was a way to dryclean-it-yourself, I was singing the Hallelujah Chorus.  
Okay, I do that a lot anyway.
I could write a little commercial for Dryel, but I'll send you to their site instead.  For ten dollars, you get a bag (reusable so you can just buy the refill cleaner sheets next time), stain remover kit, and enough dry cleaner sheets for 16 to 20 articles of clothing.  I use it all the time and there really are only a few things you'll still have to save for the professionals:
  • delicate silks
  • antique clothing
  • furs and fake furs
Otherwise, 20 minutes in a low setting of your dryer and then hanging the garment on a hanger gets you clean smelling, relatively wrinkle-free dry clean only clothing.  

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