Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's in the Bag

We need some new habits.
We need to save money.
We need to save money by not buying plastic bags.
There are too many plastic bags in the world.  We have grown to expect them, count on them, but they are made of petroleum and are filling up land fills around our country.  
Now it's about making a new habit of carrying cloth bags or reused bags  when we shop.
It's about not buying bags if at all if possible.  We get them free everywhere anyway, sometimes even if we ask to NOT get one.  Grocery bags can hold our trash.  If we need a zip reclosable bag, we can reuse bags that saved from products we've already consumed (tortillas, etc.).  
The only person in my household who gets brand new bags is my dog and they are the bio degradable kind, for cleaning up after her on the street.   That's right, she's spoiled!
We can save money AND save the world at the same time!

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