Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Leenya's Secret

Okay, I don't mean to keep bringing up Conway, but they have the cutest lingerie right now!  Matching bras and panties for so much less than Vickie's Secrets and about the same quality (Sorry, Vicky!).  
While you're at the one on Broadway just above 34th Street and Macy's (West Side),  keep going around corners and up and down stairs for bargains on bedding, kids and babies clothes, beauty products, and cute tops for under $10.  
Tips before you go:
  • There are no dressing rooms.  Know your size and when in doubt, buy a size larger.  Unlike Gap and Banana Republic, sizes run SMALL in this store. 
  • Don't go when you're in a hurry.  Lines are long.
  • With the exception of lingerie, you CAN exchange and return if you keep the receipt.
  • Stay Zen.  This is not the palace of pleasant customer service.  By any stretch.
  • Look for inexpensive T-Shirts for design and painting projects.  Buy two so you can mess up.

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