Monday, June 22, 2009

Get Your Feet Wet

Chad's in town!
So I had an excuse to go shopping!
It was a Sunday, so Salvation Army Stores were all closed, but that didn't stop us. We headed to Chelsea to visit some great thrift and resale shops, both raising money for some amazing charities.
And, I kept thinking, though the prices are slightly higher than at Sally's and the Good Will, they would be great places for those who are intimidated by thrift shopping but want to get their feet wet.
Our first stop was Housing Works at 173 W. 17th St. (note various locations all over the city) and the clothes and shoes are in excellent condition in general but the star here is the furniture. If you're furnishing your first apartment (or want to replace your worn-out Ikea starters with unique stylish pieces), start here! Couches, bureaus, prints, dishes, all in excellent condition and often designer. The money raised from
donations and sales go to help victims of HIV and AIDS.

Our next stop was right across the street at the Angel Street Thrift Shop, also raising money to fight HIV/AIDS as well as substance abuse and mental illness. Their collection of clothing was much more extensive and also organized in a way that would seem much less overwhelming to a thrifting novice. Again, some designer clothes and shoes, all in excellent condition. I found an amazing black Zara dress shirt for Ted for $11.00. In general, prices were similar to Housing Works.
Since we were so close, we headed too 6th Ave. and upstairs to T.J. Maxx and Filene's Basement where I found some wardrobe staples for my hubby and as we made our way back uptown, we happened on two sample sales, one was even Dolce and Gabbana! Prices cut by 85 % sounded amazing, until we couldn't find a price tag for less than $490.00! Some gowns were still priced at $8,900.00, the price of a good used car. We quickly realized that we knew something that the sample sale shoppers didn't know, that true bargain treasure is found only in our resale shops!

As we walked, we talked about the value of reusing and recycling and how it is the future of our economy.
What a day! Quality time with my best friend, saving the world, and shopping, all at the same time!

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