Friday, June 12, 2009

Good Ass Jeans

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
You finally complete your wardrobe with the perfect ass jeans (you know, the ones that make your ass look great) and the style changes, ie. boot cut to skinny jeans 3 years ago. Now you have all these jeans that fit great, but are out of style (see the explanation of perceived obscelescence in
Don't throw them away! I've converted at least three pairs into skinny jeans myself, some hand sewing and some on a machine. Follow these easy steps to update your favorite jeans to the fun summer skinny must have (rips in the knees and worn out thigh fronts are back, fyi).
  • Turn your jeans inside out and try them on. Using pins, straight or safety, pin along the seam that is the simplest (usually the one along the outside of the leg), making sure that the flap that is created is as flat as you can make it. Usually, start about mid-thigh. Don't pin them too tight. The fit all the way down the leg should mimic the fit around the hips.

  • Take them off and lay them flat on the floor. Repin, adding more pins to complete and straighten out the line that you will sew. Make sure that the seam is as flat as it can be.
  • Sew along your this line, either by hand (a backstitch can work) or by machine.
  • You can trim the jeans close to the seam, but you'd never have the option to go back to the way they were and why not stay ahead of planned obscelecence? It doesn't make that much difference to cut off your options, so to speak...
  • Turn your jeans right side out and wear with your favorite thongs or stacked heels and tank tops!
For more photos and instructions, check out Wickepedia on this subject or a website full of craft tutorials.

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