Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last month, I went on a retreat with my sisters Mary Brienza and Kathryn Markey.
Okay, it wasn't really a retreat and I don't really have real sisters. The venue was the Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor Long Island and Mary an Kathryn are my stage "sisters" in the Country Western Comedy trio "The Chalks". We were on a quest to finally write the script that has been the result of years of fun on stage and Tom Caruso, our new director, was going to take us there!
In one week, we finished writing, changed, changed again, and then performed memorized our new musical, The Chalks: A Family in Three Chords! It was a huge challenge, but with an audience that barely stopped laughing enough to catch their breaths, well worth the trip!
Back in December, came and filmed our unscripted live show at the Laurie Beechman Theater and you can still watch it (for free!) along with many other New York Comedians. They do a great job of making videos of live shows.
Check us out because seeing a Chalks show isn't going to be a bargain forever!

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