Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fancy Shmancy

Okay, I'll write later about where the *&$#^%&@ I've been the last 3 months and why I haven't written recently. There is a post I need to write!

A fellow singer/actor wrote me recently and I wanted to share. I'm honored to have her as a follower!

Oh Financially Savvy Fashionista!

Dear Leenya,

I never did update you on the results of my formal wear foraging! Your recommendations were wonderful- the first place I stopped was the Goodwill on 25th street where I found a two piece outfit with a wonderful full black satin skirt. The top half didn't fit, but for $35 I was happy for it to come along for the ride! So with my workable separates in hand I continued thru your list of venues, just to see what was out there. Most of the other locations on 25th and Housing works had a better supply of everyday clothes. Finally I arrived at the massive Salvation Army on 46th street where I found a bronze strapless gown I actually didn't need at the moment but will probably end up using it next month. And for $40 I figured it was worth taking home as well. It was quite a successful voyage!

Thank you again for your guidance!

I say, Sally Forth, oh fellow Ren Girl! A lot of people shy away from looking for formal wear at Thrift Stores when it's one of the first things that people purge, as they see it as a "wear one time only" clothing item and therefore, but you didn't let this stop you!

I just competed in the American Traditions Vocal Competition and for each round of the competition (I won the Bronze Medal!) I wore an outfit that was purchased entirely at a resale shop! In the quarterfinals, I wore my newest favorite grey pinstripe suit with a flea market sequined tank and the semi-finals featured me in an empire-waist flower knee length cocktail dress with a velvet blazer on top. Pictured here is me backstage in the final round at the gorgeous Lucas Theater in downtown Savannah with my amazing accompanist, Keith Burton, wearing the gown (complete with train!) that I found at "Sally's" for the opening night of Cyrano de Bergerac with Jennifer Garner. I was so happy to have an event for which I could wear this unique dress again!

To those who are reading for the first time because you heard about my blog in my introduction at the finals, Welcome! And I meant what I said about Savannah audiences...

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  1. I wanted to write about a gown I just found at Sally's this last week. Chocolate Brown floor length with a plunging V Neckline and strappy back, almost perfect condition and Vera Wang! For 16.99! More confirmation that you should check Thrift Stores first for Formal Wear!


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