Monday, November 15, 2010

Dulcinea Beauty Tip #4: An Apple a Day

At first, it was a saving money thing. Big surprise, right?
But then, eating a large apple plus a handful of raw almonds made a fabulous start to a lunch. Or was a wonderful way to curb hunger between meals.
And eventually, old snack standards like tortilla or potato chips and candy didn't seem like food anymore. In fact, I finally believed that excessive salt and sugar shut off my ability to notice I'm full and actually cause me to overeat.
Now, I start off each meal by filling up on the good stuff: Green vegetables, whole grains, fruit, and water so by the time I get to meat and dessert, I'm too full to ask for seconds.
Reward? Shopping spree (at thrift stores, of course) for a whole new smaller wardrobe!

Pictured right:
Leenya as Dulcinea in Man of La Mancha, Arts Center of Coastal Carolina 2010

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