Monday, November 24, 2008

Deck the Halls

No, I'm not going to write about cutting snowflakes out of newspaper or stringing popcorn and cranberries to trim your tree, though those are always cheap, fun  ways to start decorating for the holidays.  Today I'm posting about your next step:  Overstock and 99 Cent Stores.
Okay, who hasn't been to Jack's World?  
There are two:  One at 110 W. 32nd St. between 6th and 7th and the other at 45 W. 45th St. between 5th and 6th Ave. and if you're looking for unique and practically free Christmas decorations and gifts, run, don't walk!  It is also great for beauty products and gourmet food items, believe it or not, but in this post, I'm talking holidays.  
Obviously you'll look for tree ornaments (you never know what you'll find), wrapping paper and gift bags (more than half the regular price), gourmet candy and chocolate, and  stockings (I found the cutest beaded ones this year for 9.99!) but there is 
also a plethora of garlands and faux greenery (pictured here in both photos).  Rifle through the linens as well, as table runners (pictured here adorning my living room mirror) can be used creatively.  Some years, there is an extra amazing selection of tree skirts in modern designs.  I bought three 
boxes of Christmas Ball ornaments a couple of years ago that I pile into my large assortment of vases from opening nights gone past and create festive holiday sculptures (an idea I stole from my sister-in-law, Marie).   Instead of your standard red and green, I've chosen purple, terra cotta, and gold for my holiday accents.  Silver and blue are another creative alternative.
Don't forget to score the aisles of kitchenware and toys 
for your Christmas list.  With all the bargains, it's easy to forget what you came for,  but go any other time besides lunch hour and after work and you won't feel overwhelmed.  
While you're there, pick up some clothespins (most likely a packet for 99 cents) and some festive ribbon to string across your apartment (idea courtesy of my friend Elizabeth).  Hang your holiday cards from it instead of stuffing them in a drawer this year.  The cards add a holiday flair and every day, you'll be reminded how popular you are!  My holiday gift to you:  I've given you yet another way to multitask!  

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