Thursday, November 6, 2008

Measuring the Drapes

There comes a time in everyone's life when you wonder, is it too soon?  Can I truly begin to picture what my life could be, or will I get my hopes up, only to have my dreams be crushed?  When can we start measuring the drapes?  
And the answer is, as soon as possible.
Creative visualization is one of the best ways to start redesigning your life.  When looking for apartments or houses, I spend time with each promising choice and picture how it could become home.  I do take measurements, lots of them.  I choose color schemes (see previous post, Change) and imagine storage possibilities as well as what of my furniture can fit, what get's donated, and treasures that I have yet to find.  I window shop Restoration Hardware and browse Pottery Barn catalogues.  I take note of what catches my eye, but I know that I will eventually have more fun treasure hunting in thrift stores, Ikea, and even street shopping.    Then I spend time daydreaming.   I draw up several different floor plans and make lists.  I'm definitely a list girl... I even imagine entertaining there.  Even if it the rental or sale doesn't work out this time, I'm that much closer to imagining the perfect space.  
Then, before you know it, you're there, standing in the middle of your new bare floors, surrounded by unpacked boxes and possibilities.  All of your cynicism and negative thinking seemed such a waste of energy.  Anything is possible from now on.  And it all started by measuring the drapes...

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