Friday, November 7, 2008


It was a moment in America's history, a moment when we were looking for a leader.  
We had been attacked and after 9/11, our president was going to tell us how to carry on.  We listened and we believed.  I mean, who wouldn't want to live in a reality where buying whatever we want regardless of our income could save the Nation?   We took it to heart and went deep into an unprecedented debt that has brought us to the greatest economic crisis in our lifetimes. 
Now, it may be true that measuring our buying power will tell us the health of our economy.   Chris Matthews  said today before  Barack Obama's first press conference as President Elect that we can't all turn into Ebenezer Scrooge now, hiding our money under the mattress.  Conversely, we are being called for the first time in decades to sacrifice in other ways besides sending our sons and daughters to fight over seas.  
So how does this all relate to my theories of Future Style, in living Ren?  
For me, it's about priority.  It's about putting our hard earned dollars into our future, not into worn out past policies.  
It's like with energy.  We have reached the future.  We can video phone and communicate in unbelievable ways.  We can fly, but we are still fueled by the inefficient, polluting energy source caused by burning stuff .  Scientists are finally looking to nature to try to find out how trees have been living for hundreds of years at a time just by storing sunlight.  This is what I'm talking about.   Looking at old things in a totally new way.  It's getting excited about having a new puzzle to solve.
How can you be money-wise and not be a Scrooge?  I suppose it's a balance but it's not an impossible one and it's not reserved for us low income-ers.  I watched a show on HGTV last night about a woman who made her house out of a recycled 737 Jet.  I'm sure it wasn't a cheap way to build a house (it was also beautifully designed), but  it involved focusing her finances, prioritizing where her money was spent.  
Maybe my ideas of saving money can help someone spend money where it counts, like buying energy efficient appliances, or building with recycled products and heat saving windows.  Maybe you don't have to wait to make a million dollars to live your dreams as well as give money to charity.  Hopefully, my artist's perspective can help someone live a fulfilling life while getting out of debt.  
I can dream, can't I?    

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