Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shhhhh, Don't Tell Anyone!

I've just always wanted to write that in a public forum!  How could it not get your attention?
But seriously, don't tell anyone...
..who doesn't read this blog!
I'm talking Chili Thai, the tiny little hole in the wall on 9th Ave. between 48th and 49th!
I've blogged about it before in a previous post entitled Poll, but my husband and I just had a date there tonight and I had to write about it again!
I mean, who doesn't want delicious, fresh tasting, creatively presented fusion food at an amazingly low price?  If you didn't, you probably wouldn't be reading this.
For a grand total of $29.95 (not incluuding tip), Ted and I ordered the appetizer sampler (included the best chicken satay we'd tasted in a long while as well as magical melt in your mouth shrimp dumplings) and then our favorite salad (which would make the perfect lunch, I tell you!) called Yum Neua that has marinated beef thinly sliced atop mint and crisp lettuce, and then split the chicken Green Curry (humongous portions) served with sticky white rice.   
You can order Thai beer from them now, but without a liquor license (a thing to look for in a restaurant, if you're a Renaissance Girl!) they allow you to go next door and buy your own bottle of wine for $10 or less (see my post about wines for under $10) and they bring you glasses and an opener.  So okay, it was $46 at the end of the experience, but if you know how to get more for your value in New York City, you'd better email me now!  
Tips before you go:
  • It's often crowded, and I haven't had much luck with reservations in the past so have patience.
  • The bathrooms are in the back, THROUGH the kitchen.  But it is always very clean, once you get there.
  • Go hungry.
Other favorites:
  • Duck Empanadas (their  signature creation)
  • Massaman Curry (all curries come with a choice of chicken, pork, beef, tofu, or seafood
  • Pad Thai
  • Delicious desserts including Mango Dumplings, Mango with Sticky Rice, and you'll never believe that I haven't yet ventured to try the Bananas in Golden Pouch, but that's next on my list!
Go.  Eat.  
And don't tell anyone!


  1. Leenya I go there all the time! For an even better bargain than the one you described, you can go for the lunch special for something like $5.95 !! Also, it is a family run business - the owner is also the chef. Never had a bad experience there.

  2. So glad you've found it already, Harry! And EXCELLENT to know about the lunch special. I agree, I find the staff very friendly.


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