Monday, January 12, 2009

Operation Salon Amie

My friend Amy is the newest Renaissance Girl.  
She recently posted a message to her friends on Facebook that she had an audition that required an "updo".  Amy has had a cute short hairstyle for most of her life and not much experience with hairstyles.  In her message, she asked for advice, trying to avoid the cost of a professional stylist.  She got a lot of responses but I wrote back saying it would be fun to do her hair myself, just for fun!  I don't claim to be a professional, but I was in pageants in college (the Miss America Local and Stage Pageant.  Yikes.) and have always loved "playing beauty shop".  
So my point is, why not ask?  And why shouldn't we all support each other in this crazy business?  
Great idea, Amy!  Hope you got the job.


  1. And for the record, Leenya did a stupendous job with my hair. The only problem is, she did such a good job that I got called back for one of the auditions I wore it to and now I have to figure out how to get it that way again! :)

  2. Thanks Amy! Rock out on the call back!
    If you can't make it back to Salon Amie, I suggest practicing the up-do the night before.
    I just did a modern French Twist where it's all about giving your hair texture first by curling and a tad of backcombing at the crown and the right diagonal part in the front. Then gather your hair low in the back, twisting and tucking up. Lots of hair pins, hidden if possible. Add hairspray and you're good to go...

  3. Salon Amie strikes again!
    My friend Penny just needed a trim between professional cuts and I trimmed her bangs in her kitchen! It will buy her another month before she has to shell out the real dough. Of course, if it were a more complex cut, I'd have hesitated, but it turned out okay!
    And it was fun!


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