Friday, January 9, 2009

Your Own Gypsy Robe

There is a tradition on Broadway.  
 Gypsy Robes are made up of scraps and pieces from and representing hundreds of Broadway Shows of yore.  The actor/singer/dancer in the chorus of each show that opens who has been in the most Broadway Shows gets to wear the Gypsy Robe with a scrap from her or his show most recently added.   
I remember my first show T-Shirt.  I wore it with pride, created outfits around it, never dried it in the dryer.  
Fast forward __ years and umpteen shows and bands later and I had too many t-shirts crammed in the back of my drawers, most oversized and style-free.  What is a Broadway Diva to do?
Why, make his or her own Gypsy Robe, of course!
You can make a quilt, of course, but why not surround yourself with your memories while you're getting ready for your next show?  
This project is not for the faint of heart.  It takes hours and the guts to cut into your beloved t-shirts.  First, find a robe, new, one you own or at a resale shop.  Mine was a second hand terry cloth with a nice weight to it.  Notice I cut small shapes out of remaining t-shirt fabric to fill out the design. Leave plenty of fabric around each emblem to fold under in a hem and then pin on your robe, rearranging and pinning it until it looks right.  Handsew your theater history in place using a slip stitch.
Et voila!  Your own Gypsy Robe!  
Oh, and also, make sure you leave room for your next show t-shirt...
(pictured here is my gypsy robe  on the stage of the Barrymore during warmup with the cast of "Company")

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